Podiatic and Orthopedic Care

As Podiatrists we treat all types of lower leg and foot injuries and conditions. We use traditional and holistic treatments that compliment each other to get the patient back to their daily activities. This may include utilizing x-rays and other diagnostic modalities along with aggressive but conservative treatments.
Podiatric and Lower Extremity Orthopedic conditions treated
Bio-mechanical Conditions: 
we can examine, evaluate the mechanics of the foot. This will allow us to correct for proper alignment, as the dysfunctional foot can cause many lower extremity conditions in the foot, knee, hip and lower back that we treat on a daily basis. 
Overuse Conditions:
An overuse injury is any type of muscle or joint injury, such as tendinitis or a stress fracture, that’s caused by repetitive trauma. 
An overuse injury typically stems from: Training errors. Training errors can occur when you enthusiastically take on too much physical activity too quickly. If an injury is left untreated, the condition typically will worsen and turn into a chronic issue, which is more difficult to treat quickly.
Traumatic and Acute Conditions: 
Occasionally patients will suffer an injury that will cause a fracture or twist of a foot or ankle. Swift and proper evaluation with a thorough exam and possible X-rays is imperative to proper healing and speedy recovery.
Also offering and follow with essential oils